Why this screener?

There are numerous stock screeners out there, but I haven't found a single one that identifies growth stocks at reasonable price (GARP or GAARP stocks) well. Most screeners usually deal only with average growth rates or last quarter/year growth which is not enough to determine truly growing companies. So I made one that I'm using to screen for growth stocks (at a reasonable price), and I hope you'll find it useful also.
Tomo Helman, author of GStockScreener
Here are top reasons for using this screener:

Visualize 12 growth metrics

Easily spot companies with quarterly and annual growth in prior, current and next (estimated) quarter/year - both for EPS and revenue. Look for as many green bars as possible.

Select your growth criteria

Filter companies based on EPS and revenue growth strength. More growth requirements usually means fewer companies and higher valuations.

Find growth stocks at a reasonable price

You've found great growth stocks, but what about their prices? Set your P/E boundaries and limit the results to reasonably priced stocks - GARP stocks.

Barron's 400 Index support

Choose your stock universe: All stocks or Barron's 400 components. Barron's 400 stock index contains only stocks with highest fundamental-related grades.

Detect possibly misleading P/E and EPS

Occasional extraordinary profit/loss makes company look better/worse than it really is. This screener displays a warning icon in such cases (when regular and normalized EPS differ significantly).